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Default KCBS & KCBS Website

After being involved just a couple years with KCBS I sure have some mixed emotions on how I feel about the organization. I just went into their website and I logged in and went to my team page. They (KCBS) have removed team members from my team page who are not registered KCBS members. Now I had a little problem with them when they went to where only members could view the info, but to remove names from my listing of team mates goes a little far. After two years competing I still wonder what they do to promote BBQ. I checked into starting a competition recently and you would not beleive the KCBS Fees to sanction a contest. All I have seen they do is put out a newsletter every month.

I guess my jury is still out on the organization. I would like to be able to understand them better for sure.
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