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...Don't give up on beef just yet. There is wisdom in Chad's advice. With beef especially low is key.
OK Scott, You, Chad, and the rest of the guys have convinced me!
I've only had mixed results with beef in the past. Mostly OK, some great. But I am normally in the 225-250 temp range.
Wally World had Briskets "to die for" yesterday. Looked good enough to eat right out of the pack. I will just add a chuck roast.
Maybe smoke on Wednesday. ("Darn" it's nice to be very retired)
We got 2 days of big time rain coming. Not the frontal stuff you have had, but potientially real soakers from a Tropical System coming from the south. Think I will quit mixing the smoker load for once and just go down in temp and do a beef only load.
Actually, I should use the cooler air temps to finish washing and waxing the RV. But, I can do that while I monitor cooker temps--Right? Sure
Glad the weekend worked out.
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