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and is this the uh gas "assist" rig (Nice looking anyway)?
R, as Cue'lio pointed out its a log lighter and in the top photo you can actually see the lighter bar between the therms and the stack. I remove it when lighting is over so as not to wear it out prematurely or fill the jets with ash.

I can see where you wouldn't trust the factory installed one,
Bro Kick, I've read a lot about moving the therm in other forums. I think this must apply more to the lighter gage Brinkmanns. Either by function or by being correctly inaccurate it only reads 5 degrees less than a oven therm or digital at the grate. That box is just something that was lying around the shop. Actually it was the firebox on a model of the smoker I hope to have built. It would work better if I lined the back of it with metal so the magnets could be utilized.

My favorite new toy not pictured is the digital video camera the pix were taken with. I had heard that the still function on these wasn't much. It might not work good for prints but it sure is convenient for posting on the site. No resize mod necessary and decent enough quality, although it will take stills at a higher quality setting. Special word of thanks to Brother jt for helping me pick out a good one.
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