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Default I agree!

Originally Posted by BBQchef33
Picnics are different from butts. I think Picnics are more like a ham. Taste different and pull different. If im pulling, its just butts. Did a picnic twice.. didnt like the taste as much as just a butt.

Also heard/read that a butt is one half of the picnic and the other half is a ham... not sure which half is which or if this was correct... . but for me.. after them first 2.. i stick with just butts.
I agree. Even though these cuts both come from the same primal (the Shoulder) the butt comes from the top and the picnic comes from the bottom. In my limited experience with picnics, this piece was hard to get tender enough to pull and the taste and textre was more like ham. Not necessarily bad if that is what you are looking for, but it was different in taste and texture.

I prefer juicy butts! Tender meat that jiggles a little when you slap it...

Oh yeah...I like Boston Butts too!

P.S. Thanks Alton Brown for the Hog Anatomy lesson!

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