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The "contest" rules:
Page 18 for the part about meats and prep.

I cook with a team called the Willis Group. This is the only cook off we do as this team. We have 3 spaces and therefore turn in Ribs, Chicken, and Brisket.
The ribs are Spares, We always tag WHOLE chickens. I tend to cook them whole on a stand so I tag them around the spine. I tag ribs so that I can "St. Louis" (cut off the knuckle, flap, and remove the membrane) them before cooking but after tagging.

You will be assigned a turn in time that is VERY specific to your team. You will have a small window around that time to cut, box and turn in. You may not turn in before your time. You only have about 15 minutes of time to turn it in. (Maybe 10 minutes)

Turn in time is 1:30
Contestant supervisor shows up at 1:25 and gives you the go ahead to cut.
You can cut and box and turn in. You can not turn in before 1:30 or after 1:45
They will not even touch the box.
Nothing can be in the box other than Aluminum Foil.
NO sauce
NO Garnish
NO kidding.

It is a great contest with some of the best of the best.
Have fun.

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