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Thank you for your contribution.

Sadly there are still people that will infer things when people use certain words to describe things, even if its backed up with historical examples. I liken it to the student in a elementary class that cannot stand it when the teacher tells another student they are "bright." They nearly always get wrapped around the axle feeling that they have been slighted in some way and that the teacher is saying they are "less smart." because the teacher did not point them out as well.

This forum has a long tradition of someone posting something in photos and someone else posting yet another picture of something that is in the same category and yet a little different.

The pizza thing is another mistake in premise as well because like I said, wood ovens existed before electric or gas ones so as far as heat source there WAS only one way to cook a pizza at one time. Inferring "Variety" of of pizza is not the original premise heat source was.

Originally Posted by cmcadams View Post
The use of the word 'authentic' implies that any other method is fake. If there was only one way to make pizza, we wouldn't have all the variety available that we do. If pulled pork was only done the western NC way, we'd have only red vinegar on pulled pork.

Using terms that infer a negative means that things will be taken in a negative light.

I'd also say that, when I'm making burnt ends by chopping the point and putting it back in the smoker, I'm not just simulating what happens when the edges of the brisket are overcooked. That may be what was originally thought of as burnt ends, but if that's what I wanted, I'd just make sure my brisket came out that way. With that, I don't agree that the 'authentic' firm needs to be mentioned whenever 'fake' burnt ends are discussed. Not every post needs to include everything about an item.
LOL, and yet you feel comfortable saying "original."

Not sure if you noticed this but you actually admitted my premise may be correct, that original burnt ends are a thing that naturally happened. And in doing so, you USED the word original - however, this reader, wisely does not see the type of burnt ends you make in your pit, your way, as "negative" or inferior.

You keep saying that I infer that, and often people have to use the words that are available, and thus give expanded explanations, like the ones I have tirelessly given, time and time again, several times in this post, that although one is a traditional or original one, the other is not - and further to expand saying over and over again, I PREFER the made up ones; even yours for example.

Its like this - say I wanted to say somebody had a "reading comprehension problem" and the person I was speaking about thought I was saying they are a dumb-ass. Well that's not what I said, but the words "reading comprehension problem" are the best ones I know (as an educator) to fit the repeated ignoring of me writing that its not superior (created burnt ends) and others coming in over and over and saying I am. This, is why we expand.

So, I will say it again. This time even more precisely. In either Pulled Pork, Brisket, Clod, Sausage, Ribs, whatever, burnt ends where "originally" and in a "traditional" way "truthfully" merely overcooked or barky sections of meat that were cut off or fell off of a premium cut. They fell off, were cut off, sliced or torn off. Typically they were served to migrant workers or slaves, sharecroppers and what not. Due to the fact they went out the back door so to speak, no enhancement was usually given INCLUDING even heating them up. THEY WERE SCRAPS and not made from any particular cut. Another name for this was irregulars.

As BBQ became more of a commerce, this "scrap" was then modified a bit by throwing all your scraps together and adding sauce (which was also a way to preserve it). As the business of BBQ grew more in some regions it became an actual menu item (specifically and most notably served with bread). Growing more still, the bbq businesses found they could not keep up with the demand of the flavorful natural burnt end and thus method were devised to make them artificially. This is were we stand now. In my opinion, its the ONLY thing I like sauce on to tell the truth. The lovely caramelized chunks of meat cooked in the oven with sauce is in my opinion - superior to the original. So you may find some people that like originals better, but it ain't me.

I try very hard not to offend anyone but another example is the tampon. There was a rag, not a tampon at all, then some kind of device made of natural materials for hundreds of years and the original Tampax cardboard type of applicator (1929) and now we have the current ones we have NOW that will suck up a lake and has a nice plastic applicator that's smooth upon entry and has a nice shape that my wife says holds in better as she does her calisthenics. Now say you posted a picture of an OB brand of tampon and I came in and said, "here's the original" with a pic of the Haas applicator type. Then someone else said no, no, this Egyptian model made of wood and lint that Hippocrates records in his writings is the original we would not all enter into a discussion about whether the Egyptian tampon was better because I said it was original.

However, no matter how many times you keep saying "hey like what I like so I make it how I like it," that will ever take away the history of the "original" burnt end. In addition, unlike the arguments we get into about regional traditions (pork or brisket, slow or fast, sauce no sauce), the accidental nature of a burnt end is universal.

If I wanted to call people stupid I could have at any time. Like when someone chunks up a prefectly good point. LOL Thats a joke.
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