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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
FYI, I would not be surprised if there are a lot more people on your list of 400 who do not appreciate your eMails. I'm not trying to make a personal attack on this, but it's a well understood process on the Internet that if some one offers you a chance to get out of an eMail which you consider to be SPAM, that you don't follow that process: If it really is SPAM, all you have done is confirm for the SPAMMER that your eMail address is valid and monitored.

Now if some one I knew and had a previous relationship sent me a form letter and offerred me a chance to get out of it, I might respond, but not if it was out of the blue. Just FYI...

There's one difference here... I'm not a spammer and from the emails, it's obvious I'm not and that I'm a candidate for a position that most if not all of those on my email list have a vested interest. A request to be removed from a list that I've stated on emails and on my Web site will end in mid-January will obviously not put anyone in danger of receiving further emails. One other comment... if I DID have a relationship with each person on my email list, it would probably not really be necessary for them to go out in the first place as MOST of the people I've spoken with whom I know personally have said they'll be supporting my campaign.
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