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Default Holiday Smokin' (belated) -- PRON HEAVY!!!

So I was a good boy and took lots of photos of the cooks at Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. I've just been too lazy to post them......UNTIL NOW!!

This is how it went at Wampus's.......

The set up......raining.

Turkey and ham. Turkey was brined for 24 hours, breasts iced down while rest of bird was brought to room temp. Ham rubbed with KC's rub (from the brethren cookbook)

Can't have a proper feast without a couple of fatties, right?

The turkey, done.

The meat.....carved and plated. (I realized after dinner that I never got a shot of the ham cooked....phooey!)

Christmas Eve:
A familiar scene. Pretty steady rain all day. Used the Performer for the asparagus right before dinner (mmmmm.....grilled asparagus!)

The rib roast. 14 pounder.

Rubbed with a garlic/dill paste.....

The fatties, one stuffed, the other one plain (hot). both dusted with KC's rub.

The fatties, plated. The one was stuffed with cream cheese, mushrooms, garlic and shallots. My oldest son couldn't WAIT to hit that plate!

The roast, carved. Pulled at 140, had to hold in a warm oven for a couple of hours (BIL was late.....AGAIN!!) but it still came out great. Cut it with a fork....buttah!

Christmas Day:
The OTHER rib roast. Another 14 pounder. This one was a little shorter, but with more girth.

Rubbed. A slight variation from the previous day's rub. A lot of rosemary, thyme, coriander and garlic.

On the SSUDS.....

Man, I love this cooker. Rock solid at 225 after a couple of hours.

Done. Internal temp at 140.

After a quick sear in a 500d oven and a rest.....carved.

Purty picture.......medium rare. My dad had to have his "burnt" in the oven cuz it was WAY to red for him. Whatever. His loss. I'll never understand it.

New Year's Eve:
Had a request for ham. Wanted plenty for leftovers, so I did 2!
One was rubbed with KC's rub (I really like that stuff.....I think it's the celery salt) and the other was with a spicy rub from a recipe I found.

Cooked at 325 until internal temp was 155.

One was a few pounds heavier, so I put it on 1/2 h later than the first, and they were both done at the same time. Ain't they purty???

Closeup of the Honey glazed ham with the spicy rub. Good stuff.

Closeup of the Whiskey/Mustard glazed ham.....this one is our favorite. Done it 5-6 times since summer.

Overall.....great holidays. As worn out as I was at the end of each feast, I'd do it all again in a second. Love that stuff. That's what the holidays are about, right?

Good family, good food, gooooood times!!!

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