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Default New Braunfels Bandera/Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe

I have an old Bandera (10 yrs +) that is in really bad shape. I don't know whether to try to refurbish it or try to find a Brinkman SKD which Brinkman is not selling any more?
The Bandera has numerous problems as it has sat out in the weather for years. The doors and lid will not open (hinges rusted) and I don't know how to get them moving again.
The firebox is a total disaster though I don't think it is rusted through. The ash pan is totally gone and all the paint has peeled off inside the box. The grates are solid rust, but I can get replacements from Brinkman. I will definately use the fire brick method and the baffle from the Bandera 101 document.
The cook box I have no clue what is up with it because I cannot get the door open, but I want to put the drain in the bottom as suggested. The grates should be ok I hope, but those can be gotten from Brinkman as well. I am going to try adding some insulation to the door to seal it better than I remember it doing from before as well as replacing and adding more temp gages to keep more accurate readings for top middle and bottom.
So any suggestions how to get the doors freed? This is the first major thing as if I can't do that, then it is scrap metal.
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