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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by HoDeDo View Post
Yet another area that we don't need input from the board on... :)

I think Jorge had a nice succinct answer. It is part of prep, before anything else is done. Removing a stray feather is removing a stray feather. regardless of how it is done. IF we call that cooking, then aren't we all illegal? - the feathers were removed with scalding water or steam as part of the processing. So applying heat to the bird could potentially have started the cooking process, yadda, yadda...

Dan - not a dig at you, since I know you prefaced this question with winter bordem...

But another question in general...
At what point do we simply look to common sense to tell us vs. getting a ruling. If cooking is not the outcome, or the intent... why it is even in question? We need to have protections in place to avoid something like burning off a feather consuming board room time, right? If intent to defraud, cause some sort of malice, or provide an unfair advantage is the intent, then by all means put a rule in place to stop it... But for things such as this that seem so common sense, why would we cast any doubt?

Kinda like needing an "interpretation" of a rule that has been around forever.

Burn off a feather if you want, pluck or shave them, heck get the chemical hair remover made for chickens lol....
fun stuff!!!
I think we just learned who the "Big Name Team" was that Ryan caught lighting their chicken. Looks like Andy's been holding out on me.

Originally Posted by oceanpigassassins View Post
Hairy chicken is so good.
Better a hairy chicken than a hairy butt.
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