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Yet another area that we don't need input from the board on... :)

I think Jorge had a nice succinct answer. It is part of prep, before anything else is done. Removing a stray feather is removing a stray feather. regardless of how it is done. IF we call that cooking, then aren't we all illegal? - the feathers were removed with scalding water or steam as part of the processing. So applying heat to the bird could potentially have started the cooking process, yadda, yadda...

Dan - not a dig at you, since I know you prefaced this question with winter bordem...

But another question in general...
At what point do we simply look to common sense to tell us vs. getting a ruling. If cooking is not the outcome, or the intent... why it is even in question? We need to have protections in place to avoid something like burning off a feather consuming board room time, right? If intent to defraud, cause some sort of malice, or provide an unfair advantage is the intent, then by all means put a rule in place to stop it... But for things such as this that seem so common sense, why would we cast any doubt?

Kinda like needing an "interpretation" of a rule that has been around forever.

Burn off a feather if you want, pluck or shave them, heck get the chemical hair remover made for chickens lol....
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