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Originally Posted by The Pup View Post
After nearly 50 years of BBQing and smoking I have recently found the myriad of online BBQ forums and was struck by the idiocy of policing another person's "unorthodox" methods or perceived "taboo" violations.

If it taste is good.

Arguments of how we define it rhetorically (especially in a historical/traditional context) may have merit, but in the end it is all about satisfying food served safe without keeping folks waiting too long.
I agree

I think one of the reasons we CAN rhetorically postulate is because we cannot taste someone's samples online. My signature once quoted that
bbq is best judged by the result, not the method."

My "break my heart loinbacks" are specifically drawn from a Louisiana recipe so I agree wholeheartedly. While my SPARES are done with not foils or wraps., my loinbacks are made in a pinch by simmering the cuts in beer and strong chicken stock THEN smoking them. Of course I never like to reveal that. The ribs are brought onsite (well they used to be) as a backup if I need more stuff. They are par simmered, spiced and ready to go into my hot pit. I never rely on them as the main course though.

This is why I drew that parallel to the online community condemning flavor braising or simmering (which is as old as the hills) while gleefully embracing foil, an injection needles and canned or powdered broth to enhance flavor and augment or limit moisture retention or loss.

Loinback shown at the start of video
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