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Originally Posted by ZILLA View Post
Good work Donnie, I really enjoyed that.

I had an original Jetton book from 1964 I think. I found it at an estate sale in Hunt, Texas some years back I gave it to my buddy "Bad Santa" a few years ago. I was amazed at him simmering his briskets when I read that.

So how do you recall the simmerering effecting the briskets finished color inside. Bark, smoke ring, interior meat and so on.....
Never notice then. Too young. Well to be precise, I don't remember anythign being vastly different in the internal color at the center.

I vacationed a lot in HUnt at Casa Bonita as a kid. Even help the Russels recover after the flood of 78.

I do know from experience that a smoke ring is a crap shoot after simmering but I think part of it gets there from time spent on the cool side.
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