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Originally Posted by monty3777 View Post
I didn't get my email. Because I frequent the boards I knew how to resolve the issue. However, for those who don't I wonder how many will be overlooked.
There good news for those who you fear will be overlooked.
They have two more chances to know how to vote;
1 Articles have been in the bullsheet.
2. Articles have been on the web site.

Best yet is that election last two weeks and not a single day.
If a member does not read the bullsheet, go to the web site or visit forums, they perhaps, but not necessarily care enough to exercise their right to vote. I think that most, especially those who took time to write to candidates, read election questionnaire and be "smart voters" will have the opportunity to vote.

Last year we correct every issue we were advised about with in a 24 hrs. period. Even if we used snail mail we have a number of pieces of mail returned, because we are not advised of new address.

The Board each year for the past three years has considered those who could slip though and not be notified to vote. The board in working with electronic voting found that we exceed best practices in the industry.
But I could be wrong. Had emergency surgery yesterday and it could just be the drugs.
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