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Originally Posted by Bride of Roo(BQ'n) View Post
The original poster had a FINE picture of burnt ends....
Apparently my brevity has caused some dissension maybe.

No, the original poster has a fine picture of some rather tasty "simulated" or "mock" burnt ends. Let's keep the terminology right.

We all here should know what a burnt end IS. In fact, someone here (Northwest) explained exactly WHAT it was, although they did not get into WHO it was for.

Although CURRENTLY it is considered a delicacy it was NOT in the past.

I posted a picture of true Burnt ends, not mine, but an example so everyone can see what it is as well and have the explanation that was given by another poster earlier.

This is Not a criticism of his LMJC work here, but in every discussion where people attempt to "make" burnt ends there should also be a representation of traditional "accidental" or "symptomatic" burnt ends. LOL

This is done so that people who are still learning will also see what it is people are trying to simulate when they seek to make enhanced burnt ends -

which I will add - I love more then traditional.

Heck, the reason Sonny's BBQ Sandwich is so good is because they literally slice off every bit of Bark material from the Brisket to use. Lunacy! At least for those of us who like slice brisket with no sauce. This practice leaves the gray uninspiring stuff for the sauce hounds getting the sliced brisket platters as seen below - I am sure, some see that as a travesty. LOL
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Nothing WRONG with simulated ends - like there is nothing wrong with foiling to protect the moisture of the meat, or sugaring to create a simulated bark or what - just a different way.

Traditional Burnt ends do not happen in the bulk that simulated ones do and thus they must be made up. In addition, although many would marvel at say, this traditional burnt ends taste, it would not win any contest - in fact, although I prefer Smittys, Blacks, Muellers and Kreuz brisket, I doubt it would win any contests either - not that that means anything is wrong with it.
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