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Default Duck!!!!! ,,, No Really Duck on the UDS!! Beer Can Style

Well, I like duck, but I have only tried to cook it one time. It ended in disaster. But today, I tried again using my fancy UDS. It worked!!

Started by dusting with poultry seasoning mix and stood it up on the beer can chicken holder.

Got the UDS going and sat it on,

Here it is after 2 hours, been holding stable at 225 degrees.

Off the UDS at 5 hours, kept the temp at 225 for the first 3 hours then upped it to 300 for the final 2 hours. Internal temp 164 in the breast.

Cut, slice and serve,

The breast meat, I wish the flash would not have washed out the color, there was a Beautiful smoke ring! You can see the layer of fat still remaining under the skin.

My plate with Wild Rice and Sweet Potatoes, before the sauce

With the sauce

Was it good? Yes, very moist and tender, it was wonderful, I will make it again doing the low and slow method. The only thing I didn't like was the skin. It was very soft and still had a lot of fat under it. We just seperated it and the meat underneath was fantastic.

My daughters friend on the left and my son on the right, this was their first taste of duck. They both liked it. I did too, more importantly, the boss, my lovely wife liked it too.


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