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Originally Posted by 1_T_Scot View Post
Looks good

but no pics of Med Well??? (I'll duck now)
I had one damn half of a roast I pulled at 145. It was the most popular because the dumb ass on the line LIKED well done and kept saying "Undone or done" - people naturally chose the "done" and cleaned me out. Basically we would just pull the meat off the bottom from then on. This was the same guy when I served the 9 hour fenell and sausage meatballs in sugo the other day he goes "There's LEAVES in this sauce!" He also tends to pull the smoked irregulars out of my butterbeans and black eyed peas before he serves. I love the rascal though. LOL In church the other day (he is 80) he offered up a prayer for his girlfriend when the pastor called top lift up prayers. "My girlfriend is celebrating another birthday with her family and she drove. Please pray for her saftey. She is turning over another decade." He is no longer seeing her when she found out that. LOL

I see this working real well in an event where I serve this MED RARE to Rare and if someone wants WELL DONE they can move to the brisket Table.

The med well was very flavorful but in my opinion was getting "gritty" but it may have been the electric knife.

I am talking a restaurant in my town that does BBQ into taking their Strip loins and popping them in their Smoker for 1 or two hours to set a ring in the roasts and get some smoke flavor as they grill their steaks. They can wrap them or freeze them each day for backup. Then when the customer orders a steak they pull out the roast (which is not cooked just smoked a bit) slice off a cut (which is crusted with seasonings on the outer edges) and grill to order. The result from the smoker is a sort of quick aging. I think its beefier due to the slight moisture loss. The outer edge flavor is to die for.
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