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The Stripper

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Okay I both wanted to get your attention AND not get my pic yanked - after all this is Q talk. Please appreciate my efforts to make this tasteful. I think you know I have tons of other stripper pics I could have used.

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Got an incredible deal on Choice Strip Loin Beef Loin at $3.00 a pound so I got a few 12-14 pounders and made up some strip roasts for Rotary. Sadly many in the rotary like well done meat. But for those of us who liked it rare this was QUITE the treat.

First step was to impart a unique flavor to it - that meant par-smoking it. par smoking is of course what you want to do to a cut when you don't want it to be too smokey or to have that underground earthiness layer of flavor nobody can place a finger on. Later you will notice there is little ring, especially on the top and bottom. The reason for this is of course its hard to shoot a ring through fat in an hour and a half - the bottom was due to me panning. I used a pan because I had cleaned my pit to rebuild the rotessirie this winter and didn't want a bunch of grease to clean again. I wish I had smoked it without the pan as it had so little loss anyway. But I would strongly suggest to simply go ahead and smoke the thing an hour or two with NO pan to get the ring set. There was a delicious smoked flavor however.

Now the strip loin or beef loin is NOT tenderloin and can usually be bought at about $5 a pound at Sams for choice. If you take a look at a t bone its the larger cut one makes into a kansas city or New York Strips, the tenderloin being the smaller cut that people make fillets, tournedos of beef, chateu briand and so forth.

So anyway you simply get one of these, unwrap it and season it. Now I did NOT want a BBQ taste so I use common stuff anyone might have. I used some adolfs meat tenderizer, garlic and onion powder, tony chaceres, and some greek sesonings (kind of like you do my greek trombolo gyro meat). I then slow smoke it to set in a little ring but not enough to cook it. I get the IT about to 90 or so - takes an hour or two depending on how cold the meat is.

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Par Smoked Beef Loin Ready for Steaks or Roast

I then cool it down. Now from here one can use it for Strip steaks as it is partly smoked but needs to be grilled or pan seared. In this case it slather a bit of mustard to accept more spices like some lawreys, rosemary, pepper, lemon pepper and such.

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Mustard Slather

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Second Post Smoke Layer of Seasonings and Balsamic Vinegar

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Roast Two for medium and Well done Customers

You can wrap it and use it whenever or immediately cook. In this case I didn't want to take it into the BBQ world as I was going to use the drippings to make brown gravy and there was going to be some of those hybrid mashed potatoes as well.

The oven treatment was standard fare for meat of this type )and no I don't prefer the low till 120 IT then sear it last technic thats all the rage.

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I simply got the oven to 500, popped it in and reduced to 325 and cooked to 125 and pulled, tented and held until I was ready to slice, which I did and suggest you do to order.

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Rare Roast, or as Popdaddy calls it - Old enough to Bleed

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Another Half

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Slice Medium Roast

So.... how was it? Well let's just say the Rotarians had no trouble slicing it with a butter knife as that's all we have.
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