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Originally Posted by LindaM View Post
You are right I did not have a vote on that, however, if the health of the judges is at stake I think action needs to be taken. Since it was a little late in the day I think the call was ... well let's not go there. Requiring the cooks to wash the greens in clorox solution may have worked just as well. But still better safe than sorry. Jerry always tells the new CBJ's in his class we have never lost a judge from food poisoning at a contest. Let's keep it that way. The safeguards are there for a reason.
Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
However, good research would have shown that all the tainted parsley had already been recovered prior to the weekend in question and the rule change would have been better made (if at all) during the previous contest weekend. I don't disagree with a "better safe than sorry" approach but... well, you know how I feel about this one, especially if you've read my Web site. You and everyone else should have been given a vote on this. I have yet to be shown in the by-laws where such a beast exists (an executive committee) that can take a legal vote without being a quorum. OK I'm hijacking Paul's thread so I'll quit. LOL!

This one has bothered me since it happened. The first thing that should've been thought of was the integrity of the sanctioning body; nothing else. By making a mid season rule change they compromised their integrity. Integrity is consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. If there was that much concern then leave the Health issue to the Board of Health in that area. I'm sure there is contact between reps and BOH. They can inform the BOH of what they know and nothing more. If they make a suggestion they are again compromising integrity.
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