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Hi! My name is Candy Weaver and I'm running for the board! With that said, I'm posting this as a concerned member of KCBS.

While a board member's voting and committee records during their last term is certainly valid in determining those persons capability as board members, I believe there is another valid criteria. What was their platform for change back in 2006, when they got elected for their first term? Did that platform change this year as they run for their second term?

The candidate questionnaire is the same this year as it was back in 2006. Here is the link for current answers. I will input answers as appeared in the Bullsheet of January 2007.

Paul Kirk is consistent! The only question that he changed his answer to is #3 (long/short term goals).

"Question #3: My major short term goals it to expand the CATS (Communities Appreciate Teen Service) which is a program we set up 3 years ago to teach and promote BBQ at the high school level, it is in conjunction with The Drug Free Program, "Just Say NO!" My Major Long term Goals is to expand this program from a 2 school districts in Missouri to a network of teams and competitions all over the united states. We are in the process of putting together a "Challenge Cup" for the best CATS Teen BBQ Team."

Linda Mullane in 2007 wrote:

"Question #1: Being a Contest Rep affords me more contact with all members of KCBS, Cooks, Judges and Organizers alike. I feel as a CBJ trainer in many cases I am the first contact with KCBS and believe this to be most important as to how we present our organization, its professionalism and most of all its integrity.

Question #2: As a rep my biggest concern or major issue is qualified judges (CBJ's). I don't feel it is right that so many of our contests, especially "Qualifiers" are judged by a large percentage of non-qualified judges. I feel, it is time we put more pressure on Organizers to insure a larger percentage of judges who are properly qualified and not coming for a free lunch, as is the case at many contests.

My second major concern is the quality of reps. I feel we need a concise training program with an exact agenda. A RAT who trains under 4 different reps and is then released to do a contest on their own is not qualified. There should be a period of probation as well as testing prior to release.

Question #3: Short term goal: Devise and Implement a Contest Reps Training Course -- Work with both the technology and contest reps committees to devise an online training course, as well as testing procedures. I feel this is most needed for our organization to grow and prosper in the future. In most cases reps are the Organization lifelines and need to have the answers to provide a good basis for new contests, not just how much stuff should be in the judges goodie bags.

Long term Goal: Retraining program for CBJ's -- The more contests I rep the more I see judges arrive with personal coolers. I have even been informed of judges approaching teams for extra food. This needs to be addressed and controlled.

Question #4: Being on the East Coast, I do not feel I will be able to attend in person many Board of Director meetings, however, I am always available by phone for meetings. I am currently serving on three committees. Tony Stones software development committee, Don Harwells technology committee and Ed Roiths judges committee. Along with my husband, and others I currently rep approx 10-12 contests per year, have taught 6-8 CBJ classes a year.

I feel there is a need for town meetings regionally. I would personally help organize and hold 3 per year on the East Coast, Mid Atlantic and New England areas so these areas can voice their opinions and ideas concerning rules, contest appraisals, organizers, etc. I believe that Rules and Regulations should be voted on by all members in good standing and not just a select few. I feel more requirements should be placed on Organizers prior to sanctioning.

Question #5: For the past 10 years I have been involved in BBQ as a CBJ, Master CBJ, Contest Rep, Contest Organizer, CBJ Master Instructor and even a cook at a few events. I have been and currently am a vendor and restauranteur.

Question #6: I have felt for a long time as have many of my contemporaries that we need a voice on the East Coast. I have watched and been a part of the growth of approximately 5 contests in New England and The Mid Atlantic to almost 50 this year in our regions.

We have had 2 town meetings in our area, both conducted by Ed Roith in 2004, other than that there has been no direct contact with our region except through the Bullsheet and Website, neither of which have been overly informative until recently."

Mike Lake:

"Question #1: Skills -- Communications and relationship with all aspects KCBS membership; from the cook's perspective as well as the judge and the contest organizer. These skills give strength to the board from all perspectives.

Question #2: The competition cook, judge and contest representative all need a strong voice on the board. Probably to most cooks, the troubling question has been related to the inconsistency in scoring. Through continuing education of our judges and with a better understanding of the judging process by the cook this inconsistency may be corrected.

Question #3: The orderly assimilation of new ideas that are being presented to the board and ultimately the members of the society. To assure the orderly growth of the society that will benefit all members; cooks, judges, representatives and contest organizers. The plan to execute these ideas must come from a board that works as a cohesive unit.

Question #4: I will continue my present commitment to the society. I devote my available hours and days to the society in several capacities; as a CBJ instructor and contest organizer and representative. I view many of these activities as an extension of a board member. My employment allows me to be in the KCMO area and I attend most board meetings in person. For those meetings that I am unable to attend personally -- the conference call is available.

Question #5: I have been a KCBS member since 1992. My early involvement was that of a competition cook. I continue to cook competitively (10 events this past year), conducted eight CBJ classes and represented the society as a contest rep at eight events this past year. Theresa and I like to think that we are totally committed to the sport of barbeque and the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

Question #6: I want to continue to work with the board to help insure the orderly growth of the society while not losing sight of our grass roots origins."
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