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Default my two cents

Ok here's my 2 cents.
We raise pigs every year for the freezer (as well as a plethera of other animals).
Two things will Pucker up the meat quick as anything at butchering time
1) an uncut boar
2) a sow in heat
It will give the meat an off smell like stale urine or worse. In todays market the animlas are raised in very controlled conditions ( don't get me started on this subject), so unless you are buying localy raised meat from a local small farm there is zero chance that it was prego b4 it was slaughtered. Also there is zero chance that it was an uncut male as that is taken care of days after birth. they are usually slaughtered around 6-8 months depending on the breed and that is 99% of the time way beforte they come into heat for the first time. but it does happen from time to time that one may mature early enough to hit heat b4 it meets its maker.

ok class lesson over. My guess would be is that its the cryo vac or just bad meat but probably the cryovac...
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