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Default KCBS Committees

Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Vinny, yes, being a chair of an assigned committee is required of all directors. It is without a doubt vital work, without which we get no new ideas to develop and if not utilized to its potential, it cuts out involvement from the membership because the committee is made up of members the director selects to join his or her committee.
Thanks Jeff... What I expected was the case.

Not specific to Paul Kirk...Is participation on ech committee primarily determined by " who knows who " ? Do they publish how many/who is on each committee, requirements/credentials etc. ?

For instance - Would a technology committee be best filled by putting out a call to all KCBS members that have strong IT skills and willingness to participate rather than just limiting it to those in a given geographic region that the BOD member may be aware of or given a referral from someone else ? Same logic for any other one (ex. marketing, education etc).
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