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Well Ive been wanting to build smoker and thanks to this site I went with a stand-up (UDS) instead of a lay-down But before I add my cooking grate I would like to know why the 24" distance between top and bottom grate's, if I dropped the grate down another inch or two I think it would clear a turkey I have, its not a big deal as it may be the only turkey I ever cook on it but 22-23" how would it differ in performance?
Specs so far are
intake 2 1/4 pipe, hole center down on the drum is 2 1/2 from bottom
2 more intakes at 2" from bottom (3/4 fittings capped) Just in case
standard 55gal. drum
and a 3" exhaust (lid trimmed inside to fit the 3" not the standard threaded cap hole)
both intake and exhaust have spring loaded adjusters
Might add SDS in El Dorado KS refurbishes steel drums, cash money I walked out with a 55gal drum lid and ring for 7$ already burned out and shot penned had to remove surface rust but thats no big deal
Again thanks for the great site and Info!!
Pics of my build so far

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