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OK, now this might not be as involved as the "Parsley" dish but here it goes...
First you make a ratatouille = eggplant , peppers, onion, garlic. For those of you completely unfamiliar, those are vegetables . I also season with thyme, pepper and salt.

Layer Filo dough with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. About 8 to 10 sheets. I was a bit busy, so I didn't make the Filo this time.

Then I tucked the filo into a tart pan and added the ratatouille.

I added a layer of cheese. You can use Provolone, but I used Manchego this time. Then a layer of tomatoes and zucchini.

Then a final coat of olive oil and Parmesan and pepper.

Then cooked on the Primo Oval with diffusers for 1hr. at 350*.

It has to cool a bit to slice nicely and in the summer when I make it we often serve it at room temp. These days, room temperature is too darn cold, so we serve it warm.

Use the last shot.
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