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Shucks, I thought I was going to get a chance to contribute, for once.
All the guys above hit it on the head!

My first Brisket was also tough (a bit). I cooked too fast (230-250 degrees).
Should have used 200-225 for beef.
I foiled at 160 degrees meat temp, then finished in oven at 250 oven temp. Should have been 225 or so in oven. Finished way too quick.
I pulled from oven at 195 internal temp, wrapped in towel and placed on counter while dropping to 160. Took an hour. Should have put in cooler to conserve heat and further break down "thingies" in the meat.
End result was a tasty (but chewey) brisket with a 1/4 inch smoke ring.
Not bad for 1st try--but not right!!!

2nd try--to die for!!
Got cooking temp down. Wrapped in foil at 170. In oven at 225 oven temp, removed at 200 meat temp, wrapped in towel and put in cooler down to 150 meat temp. Tender--Moist--1/2 inch smoke ring. I'll work at it, but gonna be hard to get better than this!!

Just my thoughts!
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