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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Some of my personal favorites are:
Shiner Black
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
Do you like anything that does NOT start with the letter S?

As for me, I've always been a favorite of the hoppier beers out there. Just about anything from Stone Brewery is a hit with me. I'm also a fan of European lagers with Stella Artois a standard at most bars these days. Stella goes great with just about any BBQ out there....but so does Arrogant Bastard for that matter.

As for injecting or using the beer in food....I've always kept a few unfiltered wheat beers on hand for the purpose. They make great additives for beer-batter, dough...and the flavor is neutral enough not to be wierd in injecting anything like a Turkey breast or soaking a few sausages. YMMV
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