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Originally Posted by SmokeInDaEye View Post
So I have a defrost bag of carnitas ready but my wife defrosted brisket slices instead of some shredded brisket point I was hoping to use. Should I chop up the slices and mix with some red chile sauce or I also have some thinly sliced prime rib. May get some poblanos and make some green chile and cheese ones too!
You can try brisket, never had it in a tamale before but if you can keep the meat moist and somewhat shredded then it might work.

I'm not too confident in the prime rib option, medium rare meat in a tamale just doesn't sound right. With tamales the idea is to have a moist meaty filling within light corn flavored masa. The meat can be pork or beef but it's usually cooked and shredded. But hey this is a free country and who knows maybe someone will like it and you'll be making prime rib tamales with Giada while I eat crow! Good luck!
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