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Default Official Tamale Hot Line Thread...

These little, wrapped goodies are a labor of LOVE......and FOOD! Let's make this the Tamale Thread. Let's pool our knowledge, tips, tricks, recipes etc, and make for a fun time.
I'm TIRED!!! Made about 110 tamales today. Half I made by myself. These were gifts for my neigbors this year. I delivered 1/2 dozen bags to neighbors in the cul de sac. I've made these when I was a little kid and my grandparents were still around, and I made these when I was still living at home, and now I'm still making em and showing my son the routine. Hopefully, he continues the tradition one day with his kids. My daughter, to small to make em, devoured one. Right now she's an eater, not a maker. LOL!
My dad came over to do some "Quality Control". He gave me a want to steam them for 30 minutes for each dozen you have in the pot. Keep it to a single layer.(med/high heat) The more layers, the more time. ALso, they don't cook evenly. Once time is up, take lid off the pot and let them air out till they cool off. As they cool, they will firm up.
Don't serve em right outta the pot and hot, cause they will be mushy. They need to air out and cool a bit.
Last tip........see if you can eat fewer than me. I had 8 today. 3 red and 5 green. The green were my favorite.

Enjoy your tamales. They are labor intensive, but not difficult to make. And they are so good. I can't wait for breakfast!!!
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