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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
I did this one last year on the drum at 300ish. Great smoke and plenty of crust!
Looks gooooood. Do you recall how long it took?

Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
I did one for a party Friday at 250*
Did you get a cood crust/"bark" Come out juicy? How long did it take you?

Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Tell us something that we don't already know

I do mine in the middle 275 until it hit 125 - 130 and then hold it at 140 until ready to serve. If I'm using the FEC the holding at 140 is easy. With the Egg I will either drop the Egg temp (takes a while) or hold in the oven.


I guess the other issue is how long/lb at your respective temps. My roast will be about 14 lbs. I have a low & slow recipe that's telling me about 50-60 min per pound. I understand the whole "it's done when it's done" thing (believe me!) but Christmas is tricky....people have to run off to another dinner, etc. Trying to time everything and all.....

Thanks guys....
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