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Default Prime Rib: "Low & Slow" or "Hot & Fast"

OK......I did a Prime Rib last year for Christmas on the Weber OTS and it turned out as possibly, well.......perfect. Probably the best piece of beef I've cooked yet.

I cooked at about 325-350 (med-high indirect) until int temp was 125-130. Carved it at about 140-145. Medium. (I'd have liked it a little more med-rare, but everyone wanted med)

This that I have the UDS I am thinking of going with a longer, 225 smoke. I'm more concerned with not getting the great crust I had last year with the lower temps. Some recipes that I have call for putting it a 400d oven for 20 min at the end.

I prefer poultry at high temps because you can still get the smoke penetration in a short time. Pork is low & slow, obviously. But, I've only done beef roasts with much mass one other time. I also know that brisket needs the low & slow to tenderize (or so I've read.....haven't done brisket yet), but rib roast doesn't usually need that time to break down any connective tissue or tough meat, right? Marbled fat helps make it like buttuh.....

I could still do the UDS, just at a higher's just easier to keep the direct heat off of the meat with the UDS over the Weber kettle.

I just figured.....why not put it to the think tank that is the BBQ-Brethren!

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