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Originally Posted by Merl View Post
Great idea, but here is the math.
KCBC charges $35 to be a member.
The Bullsheet cost a little over $20 of membership dues per year.

KCBC charges $12.00 per team.
From that KCBS pays for all cost of supplies, shipping and cost.
Did I mention administrative cost of running an office?

KCBS is a bargain, but does not make huge money from contest or teams.

Now someone will ask about the $150.00 fee per rep. Yes KCBS does charge that to the organizer, as well but that sum, is paid in full to the contest rep. And yes, Contest Reps are probably overpaid for a weekend of work for $150.00. (Going to $175.00 in 2010) (just kidding about over paid.)

Just thought the math would help in this discussion.
The BS would seem a poor investment
Move the whole thing online

The Western States Pit will use our 2009 money to pay for year end trophies
Catering, Contests, and Community Service

Team What Wood Jesus Que?
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