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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
The 'concept' was basically derived from KCBS not being able to charge the extra funds themselves due to their tax status.....correct????/QUOTE]

No biggie Michelle, we can't all agree on everything. My point was that KCBS cannot make it mandatory that every team be a member of KCBS in order to cook in KCBS contests due to their tax status.

The way it was "introduced" was about as good as they way they're introducing reducing the bonus points for TOY.

Have a Happy Holiday! Hugs to Gary and the kids!
Just to let you know the roll out was by MMA for the discount for KCBS members. They did not present it the way it was supposed to be. As Michelle said it was to be a "benefit" based on the way NEBS and a few other organizations do it. That is the reason we still have contests on the East doing the discount for KCBS members. Those organizers understood the concept.

A lot of research went into the reduction of bonus points for TOY and without all of the facts I do think you are bashing something good. Obviously it is something personal and I really don't know why.
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