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Originally Posted by sdb25 View Post
Worst thing is, since it's on the intake side of things, you end up with the smoke from the plastic imparting a taste (or worse) to your food. I wouldn't do it.
By the valve being on the outside of the barrel, I don't think there's any danger of it "smoking" and giving off nastys that would impart in the food. I don't think it'll get that hot....warm maybe....but not hot enough to give off fumes. Just an observation. Not criticizing your statement/opinion.

BTW....My name is Demosthenes. Long time stick-burner. Heard a lot about these UDS's for many years. Age has slowed me down to where baby sitting my stick burner all night is not fun anymore. Bought a used WSM back in Feb. $125 I ever spent. (just wish it was bigger ) I can't see forking out $399+tax for the 22.5 WSM, so I figure why not spend less than $100 and get the same capacity as the WSM's 22.5 and build myself an UGLY. (in progress)

The beauty (or lack of) in building a UDS is there are so many different looks you can give it......flat top lid vs. dome lid......ball valve intake vs. magnets vs. daisey wheel......holes in the flat top lid for exhaust vs. 2"pipe nipple w/ 90 elbow pipe.......barrel welded to a hand truck for easy transport vs. plate or stem casters...painted vs. ugly, and the list goes on.

I've enjoyed reading "most" of the post in this section and will continue to read them for more insight and ideas.
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