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Originally Posted by Skip View Post
What about KCBS discounting their fee relative to the amount of KCBS teams?

Set up a fee schedule with the normal fee expected for sanctioning and for each existing KCBS member team get x amount off. For each team the organizer gets to join KCBS due to the event they could offer y amount off. This gives the organizer a reason to sign teams up rather then forcing them to do so.

This does, in a way, bring in more cooks. Although KCBS isn't bringing in people off their couch they are increasing membership.
or offer organizers incentives to increase membership by offering them a discounted or recruiter rate to sign people up. The NRA does this for its recruiters and I believe so do numerous veterans organizations. Once again, this is not necessarily going to recruit new cooks but will increase membership.
I think the best way to recruit new people is to provide excellent service and have a clear cut benefit to being a member.
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