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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
The 'concept' was basically derived from KCBS ...
As much as I normally agree with you Steph, I think I have to disagree with this a little bit. Not the knee-jerk reaction part, I'm with you there... but the idea's beginnings in general.

I was a member of the KCBS Research and Development Committee a coupla years back, and I believe the concept stemmed from there; trying to bring about more member benefits. As a matter of fact, the committee specifically discussed NEBS and its policy.

There are events in the NorthEast that give NEBS members a discounted entry fee. It has ALWAYS been considered one of the 'benefits' of being a NEBS member.

This 'new concept', had it been brought forward in a different light, as a BENEFIT (instead of 'non-members pay more and the organizer gets to do the work')... I think it may have been received much better.
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