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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
What if there was some bonus money available to the winner if they were a KCBS member. It would need to be paid by the KCBS and not the orginizer of corse. Lets say the winner gets a $100 bonus but 3 new people joined the kCBS for a shot of the bonus so the KCBS just made there money back and got three new members. This may not make sence at some smaller contests but at the royal for instance it could be hundreds in bonus money and lead to a lot of new members. I know its not exactly the same thing but there sure was a lot of people using Kingsford Comp. at the royal to try to double there money. Or maybe its not winning based but a drawling by the KCBS reps of every KCBS team at the event, That way you don't even have to be a good cook the be eligible to win the bonus. You just have to be a member to be eligible. What do you guys think?

Might end up like Nascar, you get paid by the decals you have on your smoker, a guy finishing 10 makes more money than the 7th place guy cause he has more decals
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