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Originally Posted by HoDeDo View Post
In all those other cases, the sanctioning body shares in the profit/loss of the event.... with marketing $$, overall purse money, guaranteed TV time, etc. etc. In these events... the sanctioning is paid for as a service... and the event is there usually to raise money or awareness for some other sponsored function. The organizer has to take care of their organization and sponsors first, since that is where the $$ comes from.... then KCBS second. I think it would be awesome if KCBS came up with a way to draw the small cooks in with some value at a higher level.... and use the cookoff as a way to get that upsell. But when an Organizer is paying KCBS for sanctioning, and KCBS has no skin in the game for prize money guarantees.... you can't really expect an organizer to add something in. I would expect them to give KCBS a tent to set up and pimp the society to all at the event... and work membership drives at that level... selling on the value that they provide. (membership, contest list, access to recipes, and other cook team info (if they have bios submitted) and the bullsheet)...
yes and no. When I was playing rugby in order to compete in our league everyone on our team had to be a member of USA Rugby which had no direct involvement with the league and was in no way sharing in the profit or loss. The same went with tournaments, all team members were required to have a vaild membership card but the tournaments were completely separate and not run by or administered by USA Rugby. The same type of thing I believe happens with golf. In order to compete in a even their own club tournament, players are required to be USGA members. USGA sanctions these contests but doesn't share in the prize money or expenses.

All that being said, mandatory membership may be good for increasing membership but is not addressing the original idea of this thread which is what does it take to recruit cooks. I think that you are right in that more things are going to be needed in order to make it worthwhile to join. I think that KCBS does and outstanding job ( for the most part, there are always exceptions) with the way contests are organized and run it is going to take more than that to attract cooks especially in regions where there may be more than one sanctioning body. It would be nice to get more bennies with membership but isn't that the case with everything?
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