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Originally Posted by LindaM View Post
Skip 2 years ago that was put in place - an additional $25 per contest for non members - the annual meeting had the organizers and cooks going crazy over it - it was removed the following month. There are actually some contests that still do it, especially those on the East Coast who understood the concept.
The 'concept' was basically derived from KCBS not being able to charge the extra funds themselves due to their tax status.....correct???Sooooo, since KCBS couldn't charge the funds and DEMAND that any team cooking a KCBS sanctioned contest WITHOUT being a member doesn't pan with the tax man, they decided to 'put it on the organizers'. Personally, the knee jerk reactions are a bit tiresome. How about the Board get off their respective asses and actually do something productive THEMSELVES instead of trying to pass the buck?
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