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Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
I think they should do what they have been doing, at least here in this part of the country. KCBS contests have grown rapidly and now we even have a state championship series where before we barely had any contests three or four years ago. Contest entries have grown rapidly as well. I think that KCBS membership is up the couple of years, but could not find where I had read that. I think they are attracting more cooks.

I do think that membership should be required. I can't think of anywhere else that membership in the sanctioning body isn't required to compete in a sanctioned event. Interesting Ford that you assumed a 50% membership, that based on just observations over the years? Wonder if its even that high.........There are ways that membership can be mandated, organizers fees could be based on membership percentage or something to that effect. If a nominal membership fee is going to be too steep, you are probably in the wrong hobby anyway. Buck up and pay it, its the cheapest thing at a comp.

For people that live in areas where another sanctioning body is present, they may not get anything out of KCBS and may be better off with their own local sanctioning body, but the KCBS is far more national than the majority of other organizations.
In all those other cases, the sanctioning body shares in the profit/loss of the event.... with marketing $$, overall purse money, guaranteed TV time, etc. etc. In these events... the sanctioning is paid for as a service... and the event is there usually to raise money or awareness for some other sponsored function. The organizer has to take care of their organization and sponsors first, since that is where the $$ comes from.... then KCBS second. I think it would be awesome if KCBS came up with a way to draw the small cooks in with some value at a higher level.... and use the cookoff as a way to get that upsell. But when an Organizer is paying KCBS for sanctioning, and KCBS has no skin in the game for prize money guarantees.... you can't really expect an organizer to add something in. I would expect them to give KCBS a tent to set up and pimp the society to all at the event... and work membership drives at that level... selling on the value that they provide. (membership, contest list, access to recipes, and other cook team info (if they have bios submitted) and the bullsheet)...
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