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Originally Posted by WineMaster View Post
I still say that if you define a society by a region. You are capping the potential.

Well I can understand what you are saying but you have to realize that almost every other BBQ association or society uses the KCBS information as there rules for competition. Either by accepting sanctioning from them or borrowing heavily from their format. As much as the everyday person isn't going to know what KCBS is they won't know what FBA, MBN, PNWBA etc are. But anyone who has been around BBQ knows of or has heard of KCBS. Of course there are exceptions to everything but this holds true throughout the country. I recently did some research on other sanctioning bodies only to find that four have there own rules and one of them is KCBS. All the others either use KCBS or have few if any rules about competition. The three others have rules that very closely mimick KCBS rules.
The KC in KCBS doesn't refer to KCK or Missouri. It refers to a specific style of BBQ which the cooks do their best to emulate. It would be the same as a TBS (Texas BBQ Society) or a NCBS (North Carolina BBQ Society). Each would refer to a specific style of BBQ rather then just the region.
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