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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Other organizations that I either am currently a member or have been a member of
require membership to compete in the event. If you're not a member when you sign
up, there's an extra charge for membership (or a discount if you're already a member).
KCBS is inexpensive, relatively. Mind you, I'm not a member, and I have no need to
be a member as it's currently designed. However, if it were required, it wouldn't
be a big deal, to me anyway... The sports event sanctioning bodies that I work
with require membership (USA Swimming, USA Triathlon). For some reason, the
cooking sanctioning bodies (CASI, KCBS, MBN, etc) dont.
The difference is USA Swimming puts on the event. KCBS provided resources to ensure it is run according to KCBS rules but it does not run the event and it does not share in the profit or loss. Same for the other cooking ogranizations.
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