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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
Try thinking as one of those cooks that is not a member? What's the incentive for you to join? Many of these folks cook once a year at a local contest and they don't care about reading the bullsheet and there's no RD close, etc.

I like pushing it helps promoteBBQ and competition and that stuff but what's in it for them? I don't have the answer.
Thats why I was saying that you need to charge a premium to non member teams. I really didn't care about the KCBS when I started. It was just something that was there and I question whether I would even be a member now if it weren't for the need to join to be a certified judge. I really don't think I would've no matter how much I appreciated BBQ or liked how KCBS promoted or ran contests. That stuff really would've been a non issue and i would have contined to participate in KCBS events and reaped the benefits FOR THE SAME COST as member teams.
Now once I joined the KCBS I became curious as to what it was all about. Heck if I am paying for a membership I might as well become familiar with it. So I did. Now I am very much involved in what goes on. I am going to the banquet as well and there I will attend the rules committee meeting and possibly others. I appreciate my membership and what it does for me. I also appreciate that my money goes to this organization and what my money helps it do.
KCBS doesn't save starving people in Africa so you aren't going to get people to just fork over money for the principle. KCBS membership doesn't afford you discounts at sanctioned events so you won't get thrifty competitors to jump on board. KCBS offers some perks but many of them aren't all encompassing for the membership nor do some of them even apply to membership in areas without the business i.e. Restaurant Depot. Any kind of perk related to membership would help if it applies to everyone. If KCBS provided meats the members could chose first or if meat was supplied then the KCBS members would get reduced rates. Money makes it all happen.
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