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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
You should talk to Smoke in the Eye... one of the best cooks out there. Funny thing how we got to be friends sorta...he was bitching me out for saying something stupid (you know like your prone to do) and didn't get i was joking, so he starts wreckin me in a PM, which is probably the best thing to do when you have a disaggrement, take it to PMs.... which the moderators will greatly appreciate cuz they don't get all the buzzers going, anyway, I was saying something obnoxious like Texas don't have to work as hard to be good BBQERs because they are so far ahead of everyone else - anyway he starts chiming in all mad at me and giving his credentials (he has won a lot of contests - his fish trophy is on my counter) and then is bitchin me out saying he has won this and that then accidentally tells me he was Texan


..... I said... so.... then.... I am right.... we had a great laugh....

I have a lot of respect for anyone that gets passionate about stuff.... just believe in something.
Ha! That was a good time! How is my fish trophy, BTW?
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