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If folks won't join for the sake of being envolved and supporting your organization and if you decide they need a greater material motivator than try to add more motivators.

OK so far I get:

Satisfaction of supporting my organization
I'm eligable for COTY
I'll get the Bull Sheet
Organization voting rights
I can run for office
Restaurant Depot membership
Comfort Inn discount

So if that's not enough...... Maybe some more travel or BBQ related companies would add a small token to the effort.

Maybe KCBS can work a deal with Sams and Costco for discounted membership rates.

Maybe AAA would be willing to make a membership deal of some type for those that travel.

Maybe Discount Tire or NBT would offer members a one time discount coupon for an emergency tire repair.

Maybe Garmin GPS systems would offer a discout coupon on a new GPS system for members.

Maybe other motel chains can offer discounts.

How about sending new members one of those big coupon books for food and entertainment.

A Kingford Charcoal coupon.

Carvan canopys discount or upgrade

A KCBS bumper sticker.....
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