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Originally Posted by ZILLA View Post
Hi Merl, I'm not a member of KCBS. I can cook most BBQ contests in the US without any membership or affiliation, KCBS, IBCA et al. Explain to me why I should give them $30.00 for a membership? What benefit is there for me to join?

Seriously, lets run through this and see where it takes us.
Whether you travel to a contest or not, the Comfort Inn discount should help you recover that investment. Restaurant Depot should help as well, especially for you now that HEB is so dominant in your area and their pricing reflects it.

As for IBCA....added money at Trader's. I suspect that since you will be cooking on your own more this year that you'll be qualified for Trader's, and you have to have that IBCA membership to be eligible for all of that added money
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