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Originally Posted by monty3777 View Post
IMO, a seriously active Mentoring System. How many folks on these forums wonder about competitions out loud? If there were good teams in place to invite these folks, in an organized and formal way, to participate in a competition on behalf of the KCBS as a "teammate for a day" you'd hook every single one of them. That's how it all started for me. An organizer hooked me up with the Texas Rib Rangers.

Unfortunately you can't force people to join in but we have a mentoring program here. I think this works for those who are eager to try it out but if they are 1 or 2 contest people and don't understand the organization they will continue to do their contests and pay the same amount as KCBS members to compete.

I still think you have to offer a discount to members or offer a benefit for membership that really draws people in. The Bullsheet is great for those who want it but not a selling feature. The choice hotel discount does offer travellers a reason to join but wouldn't grab the masses. The restaurant depot benefit will bring in non business owners who compete a lot and may be one of the biggest draws of all the benefits. Unless you can sell the KCBS membership on its benefits we may have to think about premium pricing for non members. Could blow up in KCBS' proverbial face too though....Especially with this economy.
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