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Hello all. Been a member for a while but until now have only been an observer. Have learned sooo much here, but always felt I'd leave it to the pros to respond. When this topic came up I said OH OH I KNOW THIS ONE!!! I have been dry aging beef for years. Dry aging does 2 thing in my opinion. Concentrates flavors and increases tenderness. One needs to be careful in the ageing process as consistent temperature is very important. Here are a few basic steps that I go through.
-Only use whole cuts of meat with a good deal of outer fat. After the aging, the meat will need to be trimmed. If using low fat or small cut, you'll be trimming away edible product.
-Wrap your cut with cloth, (I use dish towels--my wife loves this) and place on a rack on a sheet pan. After 24 hours, change the cloths. You will loose 15-20 % of you weight in moisture and this mostly happen in the 1st day. Changing the cloth will keep the cut the dry.
- leave the cut undisturbed for the rest of the process
I would start with a 14 day age my 1st go at it. I have aged beef up to 5 weeks and at about 3 weeks, the concentrated flavor begins to become a change in flavor...sort of a gamey flavor that I like but many of my family and friends don't care for. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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