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Default Pineapple Grilling and Presentation Tips


Having a get together this weekend...

We are having many people over I have not met yet and would like to Wow them. It is just an Appetizer event. We will have Chips, Vegi's, Cake Etc...

I am going to do the Frito's stuffed with Sausage. Also picked up 3 large Pineapples (.99 each at Albertsons today) I searched here and found several Ideas using Brown sugar, Butter, Honey and Cinnamon Etc... Many use Rum, need something without alcohol.

Tell me how you grill them, direct or Indirect? Medium or High heat and how long? Is it better to add the coatings during the cook or after they are off the grill or both?

What I picture is some nice grilled Pineapple slices with a creamy white sauce, any ideas on this one? Does one even exist?

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