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Default Brisket cook Side box smoker questions?

Today I am planning on making a brisket using a side box smoker. My question is fat side up or down or flip? Normally I use a wsm but I am visiting my parents and will be using an Oklahoma Joe's smoker. It does have a baffle on the lower grate to direct the heat some. I was thinking about fat side up for 3 hours and then fat side down until it reaches 170*. Then I was going to attempt my first try at the Texas crutch! Cook until 190* and then toss back on to tighten back up the bark. What are your thoughts on this cook and I will be doing a high heat I believe.

Also my Wolfe rub recipe calls for Turbinado sugar which I can not find here where I am staying. Any ideas on what I can substitute for it?
Here is the picture of the smoker we are using today.

Thank you in advance. Vince

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