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Default Weekend pron (lots o pron)

Hello brethren I was at the ranch again this weekend hunting (drinking). I had 2 of my cousins down so I asked the all important questions of what are we drinking and what are we cooking? We decided on stuffed bacon cheese burgers Friday and baby backs and sausage on saturday. It was a beautiful weekend and saturday night I counted 12 shooting stars it was amazing but no way I could get shots of those but believe me is was awesome being out in god's country with my dad and family members. Life just doesn't get any better sometimes. Working in the city and seeing the beautiful orange haze that is the evenings makes me really appreciate my ranch trips on the weekends. I changed my spritz for the baby backs and farked it up somehow so if its not broke don't fix it. I did a light mustard slather (gasp!) on the baby backs and rubbed with yardbird. Neither of these meals sucked. No kills for me yet this season so looks like i'll be taking a doe or spike soon. Our pit there uses a chit load of fuel.

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